East Frisian Learnpath

Do you want to learn or improve East Frisian Platt?

What might the learning path look like for you?

  • Step 1: Take the online course (e-learning). Here you can first learn the ‘basics’.
  • Step 2a: If you get a taste for it, you can do the self-study.
  • Step 2b: With self-study you can also take part in frontal teaching at the same time participate. Register with us for new dates.
  • Step 3a: Now it’s time to take part in activities where East Frisian Platt is spoken. So now you are already part of our community.
  • Step 3b: If you have already mastered the basics, you can slowly pick up books Read East Frisian. Click here for the East Frisian e-books.
  • Step 3c: There is music in East Frisian Platt. Meyer and Hannes Flesner are recommended.

At oostfraeisk.org you can find the largest online dictionary of East Frisian Platt and a detailed grammar.

Improve East Frisian Platt

If you would like to improve your East Frisian Platt, please feel free to contact us. In addition to the many resources and East Frisian-language events, we also have an open WhatsApp group where a lot of East Frisian is written.