East Frisian Language Campaign

The Jungfräiske Mäinskup would like to have East Frisian recognised as a language in its own right, independent of Low German, and has therefore launched a language campaign. We set out our demands and ideas in a bilingual (East Frisian, German) manifesto for the recognition of the East Frisian language, which can be downloaded here:

But what is the opinion of the East Frisians on the future of East Frisian? Click here for the results of a small survey:

You want to know more about our language campaign, have questions about our goals and ideas or want to get in touch with us? The JFM offers free presentations of our ideas for the future of East Frisian for associations and organisations. Simply send a request to vorstand@jungfraeiske-maeinskup.frl.

For our language campaign, we also had small stickers made with the text “Ōstfräisk Plat is ğīn Platdüütsk”, which you can request via our email address and receive for free.