Year: 2020

Interfrisian Keyboard

As first Frisian organization, the Jungfräiske Mäinskup supports the release of an interfrisian App named ‘Interfrisian Keyboard’. The app is developed by the member Onno Feldmann and features a keyboard with integrated dictionary for all Frisian languages.

This app is a novelty for the Saterfrisian language, the east Frisian Platt and the north Frisian language. The Jungfräiske Mäinskup wants to promote Frisian and Frisian – low German languages by supporting this project. The app is already available in Googles Play Store.

Link to the app in Google Play Store


Artificial intelligence learns Ostfriesisches Platt

We at the Jungfräiske Mäinskup develop an artificial intelligence, that learns the East Frisian Platt. In the future  it is supposed to predict the next word in texts that are written on mobile devices. 

Artificial intelligence helps us on a daily basis, most of the time unrecognized, for example when we write a text on our computer or mobile device. We want to enable people to use these features also when they are writing in East Frisian Platt. 

More on this on the project side.