Our goals

Our mission – why do we exist?

A Frisian future in Europe.

Our vision – where do we want to go?

We want the Frisians, especially in East Frisia, to be more actively recognized as an independent people and that this recognition is also lived and implemented in practice. Not just linguistically and culturally, but also politically and administratively.

Our values ​​- what do we believe in?

  • “Frisian” is not a regional culture in Germany and the Netherlands, but an independent culture in Europe.
  • “A Frisian is whoever wants to be a Frisian” – This confession must neither be examined nor questioned.
  • “To be a Frisian” is not compatible with extreme political currents on the left and right.

Our goals – what are we committed to?

  • To connect Frisians in all Frisian countries with each other and to promote inter-Frisian cooperation.
  • To achieve cultural self-determination for East Frisia.
  • Preservation, documentation and ausbau of the East Frisian Platt and Sater Frisian.
  • Recognition of East Frisian Platt as an independent language separate from Low German/Low German.
  • Conveying the Frisian culture.