Our goals

Our mission – why do we exist?

A Frisian future in Europe.

Our vision – where do we want to go?

We want the Frisians to be recognized as independent people. Not only linguistically and culturally, but also politically and administratively.

Our values ​​- what do we believe in?

  • “Frisian” is not a regional culture in Germany and the Netherlands, but an independent culture in Europe.
  • “A Frisian is whoever wants to be a Frisian” – This confession must neither be examined nor questioned.
  • “To be a Frisian” is not compatible with extreme political currents on the left and right.

Our goals – what are we committed to?

  • To connect Frisians in all Frisian countries with each other and to promote inter-Frisian cooperation.
  • To achieve cultural self-determination for East Frisia.
  • Expansion and preservation of the East Frisian Platt and Sater Frisian.
  • Conveying the Frisian culture.