Hir word’t Ōstfräisk prōt’t

“Hir word’t Ōstfräisk prōt’t” is an action by the Jungfräiske Mäinskup who wants to increase the use of the East Frisian language in shops, offices and other facilities.

In everyday life in East Frisia, situations often arise, in which both interlocutors can speak East Frisian, but do not know this and therefore speak a different language with each other. So that everyone can see, where East Frisian can be spoken, the Jungfräiske Mäinskup offers small stickers that can, for example, show on shop doors, that East Frisian is spoken in the shop.

You can get the sticker “Hir word’t Ōstfräisk prōt’t” for free via our email address.